Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love) | 三生三世十里桃花 | Chinese Drama | Review | Top 10 Episodes

Available on: Netflix, YouTube (RIP Dramafever)

Total episode #: 58

Dumpling-rating scale:  (5/5)

5 dumplings

I’ve been a long time watcher of Korean Dramas and have a deep appreciation for them but recently I’ve slowly (but surely) been getting onto the Chinese drama bandwagon.

After a couple shows, I fortuitously discovered “Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” (三生三世十里桃花) also known as “Eternal Love”.

It’s a love story of two deities, Bai Qian and Ye Hua, across three lives in three worlds (as per the title). Over the course of 58 episodes, our couple encounters numerous challenges including but not limited to love triangles, war and broken promises (not in that order).

In a few words: I loved it!

In a few more words: I have been completely devoted to it, the original soundtrack has been on repeat for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been re-watching my favourite moments on the regular.

It is based on the above that I decided it was only right to chronicle my top 10 re-watchable episodes (down to the seconds!) in order of appearance. This list is by no means an exhaustive one but they are my favourite episodes. Just a warning, there are spoilers so proceed at your own discretion.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please drop me a comment below… here we go!:

Episode 13 | At 16:59-20:33 and 21:20-35:49

Ye Hua decides to employ the “pity game” to win over Su Su/Bai Qian in the mortal realm.

This is the first episode where we see Ye Hua (in person and not in lotus flower/snake/dragon form) and Su Su/Bai Qian interact. The results are heart melting. Just seeing Ye Hua happy (and smile) is enough for me to keep watching this episode over again.

Episode 28 | At 11:06-14:41, 29:30-32:59 and 34:55-37:59

After losing Su Su/Bai Qian, Ye Hua is in a bad place in this episode and is desperate to bring Su Su back (even if only as a copy) with the Soul-Gathering Lamp.

Seeing his devotion to Su Su (in her absence) and to their son A-Li is beautiful.

Episode 30 | At 2:50-5:08, 9:05-10:21, 11:58-15:52, 18:00-22:52 and 26:55-41:13

Ye Hua and Bai Qian reunite in this episode and I might as well have listed the episode in its entirety as I could re-watch this whole episode over and over again. I particularly enjoyed watching Bai Qian and A-Li (with his new nickname 小糯米团子) connect.

Top moment was Bai Qian inadvertently calling Ye Hua her 心肝宝贝甜米酒!

Episode 33 | At 2:12-4:53 and 6:35-11:08

In the preceding episode, Ye Hua confirmed (to himself) that Bai Qian is indeed his Su Su and in this one we see one happy family (for now).

Episode 36 |At 23:37-25:22 and 26:42-41:30

Bai Qian shows her strength in this episode. After Xuan Nu (who is completely demented) takes Mo Yuan and A-Li to the Ghost Realm, Bai Qian gets to kick some butt.

Episode 37 | At 14:35-26:53

Ye Hua in this episode tells Bai Qian he loves her (as does Bi Fang)! Although, Bai Qian does not quite reciprocate in the way that Ye Hua would like, I really enjoyed watching Bai Qian’s response to both Ye Hua and Bi Fang’s confession of love.

Episode 43 | At 35:12-42:09

After Ye Hua reprimanded Bai Qian for failing to treat A-Li like her own son there had to be some form of reconciliation – this was it.

Episode 44 |At 2:31-8:03 and 19:07-28:45

Bai Qian is coming to terms with her feelings for Ye Hua… I’m going to leave it at that.

Episode 48 |At 7:29-17:50 and 20:05-21:50

Bai Qian in this episode tells Ye Hua that she loves him!! Finally!! Although, there are 10 more episodes to go, I thought this meeting of the hearts was the most touching (particularly Ye Hua’s reaction).

Episode 54 | At 15:50-23:20

Probably one of the most gratifying moments is when Bai Qian takes her eyes back from Su Jin. Seeing Bai Qian’s strength in this episode was truly satisfying.

There you have it, those are my top 10 episodes. Although I found the finale to be enjoyable it didn’t quite make it to my top 10 as there were just too many other moments.

If you are looking for more of a discussion about the main characters and elements of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, check out my post comparing it with Ashes of Love.

I can’t wait to see what Season 2 will bring (hopefully Bai Feng Jiu and Dong Hua do better this time)!




  1. Suddenly I want to watch a Chinese drama show! I loved the descriptions of your top ten moments. The gifs and images complement your thoughtful words. I have added “Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” to my playlist.

    Liked by 1 person

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