Strong Girl Bong-Soon | 힘쎈여자 도봉순 | Korean Drama | Review | Top 5 Episodes

Available on: Netflix, Viki

Total episode #: 16

Dumpling-rating scale:  5/5

5 dumplings

After my last post, my sister who was initially reluctant for me to take a dive into the blogging world requested that my next post be about one of our all time favourites – Strong Girl Bong-Soon (super power girl)!!

Strong Girl Bong-Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순) had me on cloud 9 for a full week after binge watching it. It is funny, charming and at times bizarre…

Strong Girl Bong-Soon is about a strong girl called Bong-Soon (apologizes for stating the obvious) who is initially recruited as a bodyguard for our leading man Min-hyuk. In addition to offering Min-hyuk protection against blackmailers, Bong-Soon also has to contend with a series of kidnappings happening in Dobong-dong…

Strong Girl Bong Soon GIF

Notwithstanding the various surrounding criminal activity, the primary narrative arc is the love story between Bong-Soon and Min-Hyuk. They have to be one of my all-time favourite k-drama couples.

I usually have the k-drama problem of getting my heart broken because I support the secondary couple (that is the lead lady and the second leading man, who eventually has to suffer the pain of an unrequited love).

No such problems here. This show left my heart in tact as the chemistry between Bong-Soon and Min-Hyuk was very convincing and I could whole-heartedly understand/support their love and fondness for each another (how many times have I used ‘heart’ in this paragraph?).

This drama also has fantastic supporting characters (particularly Bong-Soon’s family), however there were a few sub-plots which didn’t really go anywhere and could be entirely missed without losing any part of the main story (I am specifically referring to Baek Tak and his gang’s narrative).

As I will do in every post, I have picked out my top re-watchable episodes in order of appearance. As Korean dramas (on average) only have 16 episodes (compared to the 58-85 episodes in Chinese Dramas) I have picked out my top 5 (plus a bonus this time). Let me know if you agree in the comment section:

Episode 5 |especially at 0:00-6:00 and 19:00-21:15

Min-Hyuk begins to develop feelings for Bong-Soon in this episode and Bong Soon starts consciously and purposefully using her strength.

K-Drama GIF

Could this be the beginning of her super power days?

Korean Drama GIF

Episode 6 | especially at 0:17-0:50 and 1:50-4:50

The opening scene in this episode confirmed to me that this was indeed a k-drama that needed to be binged watched…although this episode didn’t add a lot to the story, I really enjoyed watching the love triangle between Bong-Soon, Min-Hyuk and Guk-doo.

Animated GIF

I really really enjoyed watching it…

Strong Girl Bong Soon GIF

Episode 9 | especially at 0:00-13:00 and 55:00-56:30

Min-Hyuk falls head over heels for Bong-Soon in this episode! Although this was the ‘saddest’ episode for me it still had funny and very tender moments which made it very re-watchable.

Episode 12 | especially at 0:00-2:20, 15:35-17:40 and 30:40-34:25

This episode had the cutest couple moments… the cutest… only pictures and gifs can do it justice:

⬇️Cute couple moments eating⬇️

⬇️Cute couple moments texting⬇️

Strong Girl Bong Soon GIF

⬇️Cute couple moments photographing⬇️

⬇️Cute couple moments generally⬇️

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon GIF

Episode 14 | especially at 8:10-11:31, 29:25-33:25 and 42:20-45:40

The love was real in this episode. This episode went from tender moments…

Animated GIF

…. to butterfly moments….

Korean Drama GIF

…to more tender moments…

Korean Drama K-Drama GIF

Bonus Episode | Episode 11 | especially at 25:45 -32:36

Although, this didn’t make it into my top 5, I loved Oh Dol-byung in this episode…

Strong Girl Bong Song GIF

… and also that Bong-Soon starts to see Min-Hyuk in a new light!

Korean Drama Strong Girl GIF

Final words

Although I have only listed 5 episodes (and a bonus), this drama is littered with adorable moments. If you haven’t seen it, it is definitely worth watching in its entirety. If you have seen it, it is still worth watching in its entirety all over again (minus the Baek Tak moments). 

Strong Girl Bong-Soon is available on Netflix and Viki (RIP Dramafever).








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