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Total episode #: 66

Dumpling-rating scale:  2/5

2:5 dumpling

I am a fan of the romance/fantasy/marital arts genre of drama, plus despite the criticism Yang Mi usually receives for her acting skills I actually quite enjoy watching her.

Needless to say, I went into the Legend of Fuyao (扶摇) with very high expectations especially because it was heavily marketed as a love story of a highly skilled slave girl and a Crown Prince who are then tasked with saving the five kingdoms.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that I was completely disappointed as the drama did start off well. Instead, I would describe myself as confused. The storyline didn’t have a lot of direction, which was much more pronounced as this drama was dragged over 66 episodes.

I also had real issues with the fragility of Fuyao (our titled female lead). For example, how is it that Fuyao is able to break the Ninth Cloud (a very special/mystical/powerful move) in the 6th episode… but gets knocked out from behind like 100 times afterwards? (I didn’t get it)

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The drama could have been named Wuji (the male lead portrayed by Ethan Juan). He was far and away the standout character.

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All that aside, Legend of Fuyao has also received criticism for plagiarizing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (with it’s inclusion of a Triwizard Tournament type challenge). I could only see it once pointed out to me.

However, what I found quite striking was Legend of Fuyao’s overt tribute to Sun Tzu on the Art of War. About 30% (conservative estimate) of the dialogue was on war strategy or with respect to it… see below for examples:

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

– Sun Tzu on the ‘Art of War’ at Attack by Stratagem, para [2]

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All warfare is based on deception.

– Sun Tzu on the ‘Art of War’ at Laying Plans, para [18]

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Given the length of this drama, rather than set out my top episodes, I thought it would be more appropriate to breakdown the various story arcs, ‼️spoilers alter‼️

Part 1 | Episodes 1-8 |Fuyao meets Wuji

Part 1 of the Legend of Fuyao establishes the universe of the drama. We learn of the impending doom of the five kingdoms and the power struggle within the Taiyun Kingdom.

In this part, Fuyao is a bold and mischievous servant who (as a result of a vindictive princess) has to survive the Tian Dou Competition. Fuyao is assisted by Wuji, who is impersonating the heir to the Taiyun Kindgom for the future stability of the five kingdoms. In and amongst the chaos, Fuyao and Wuji begin to develop what would appear to be a romantic relationship starting with a mud-fight…

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Fuyao defeating all odds wins the tournament to the dismay of the Princess who wants her dead.

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Part 2 | Episodes 9-30 |Fuyao travels to Kunning

Fuyao escapes the Taiyun kingdom and makes her way to Kunning. On Fuyao’s travels her companion (Xiao Qi) gets abducted and she meets Prince Zhang Bei Ye (portrayed by Vengo Gao) and his stalker/admirer, the Princess of Qiongye Tribe, Ya Lan Zhu (portrayed by Zhang Ya Qin).

Wuji during this time is attending to some very important political business and a weird love triangle begins to form between Fuyao, Bei Ye and Lan Zhu.

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It is still not clear whether Wuji is falling in love with Fuyao or just enjoys tormenting her…this time they are fighting in a bedroom.

Bedroom Fight Scene GIF

Thirty episodes down and our couple is still not official (things are moving quite slowly).

Part 3 | Episodes 31-48 |Fuyao in Tianquan (and other places)

Fuyao escapes once again and is heading to the Kingdom of Tianquan. She somehow gets tricked into impersonating Princess Fo Lian who is betrothed to the Crown Prince of Tianquan (who happens to be Wuji). Although, her identity crisis is resolved, Fuyao (who becomes a town magistrate?) is mortally poisoned and not even the (very attractive) miracle doctor Zong Ye (who is in fact the heir apparent of Taiyuan) can save her. If you are starting to get confused with who is who… you aren’t alone.

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Wuji in this segment dies and comes back to life. From here, a multitude of different storylines begin to form (with numerous new characters) which distract from the original plot (which at this stage I have forgotten)… I will say that this part does have some epic fight scenes (especially at episodes 34 and 47).

Legend Of Fuyao GIF

Part 4 | Episodes 49-56 |Fuyao missing in action

This arc of the story focuses on our original antagonist Qi Zhen who meets his ending that this drama had been foreboding since episode 1.

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Our second lead couple doesn’t get their happy ending or do they…. (they do)

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Part 5 | Episodes 57-66 | Fuyao goes to heaven?

I will be the first to admit that I was relieved when this drama finally ended. Painfully we get to the last segment of this drama and Fuyao is able to overcome her fate (which is destroying the five kingdoms) by dying (with Wuji) and going to what would appear to be heaven.

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All I can say is that at least we get a happy ending 🤔😪😩

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What did you think of the Legend of Fuyao?


    1. It was incredibly difficult to finish this drama, if I hadn’t resolved to write a review I would not have done it and even then I skipped a lot of parts. I really enjoyed Eternal Love (it has to be one of my all time favourites) and Princess Agents.

      I haven’t seen Princess Weiyoung – so I’ll have to check that out 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. almost at the end, no difficulty watching it! have even rewatched certain episodes three times, some scenes even more often. very difficult to stop watching, this goes for my SO as well, we are both addicted to this series. I guess we have other „eyes“. absolutely fascinating series.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree. I like the epic fight scenes but when Zhangsun Wuji came back from the “grave”, I got era confused. I struggled to finish this series and the only reason I persisted was because I liked/still like Ethan Ruan and Yang Mi. The series started dragging on after a while. My favorite scene was where Fuyao fought with the second prince. That was the highlight for me. I liked Yáng Mi’s portrayal of this character. Overall, I was still disappointed by the movie. It was good but it wasn’t great.


  3. I love your reviews and totally agree with this one! This story could be easily called Legend of Wuji. Despite that, I loved Wuji and Fuyao so much and watched till the end which had me really confused. I’m not a Chinese speaker and watched the (probably poorly) English subbed version and it was not clear whether Fuyao and Wuji died and goes to heaven/purgatory or are they alive. Seems like they are in heaven and talking about reincarnating as humans?

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  4. i truly love this drama, it gets me anxious of the political problem they had when they were in taiyuan as well as to see wuji & fuyao falling in love with each other. Their love get stabilized after wuji came back from his near death event and it kept me going to want to see wuji & fuyao display of love between them. Wuji love for fuyao to ensure she is always safe. It was a great show with mix of love & fighting scene.


  5. Your review was spot on. It was fun, filled with nice looking people, and a funky, fun story line. There was a feeling that this cast got along off screen and enjoyed doing this film. Halfway through the dragging really was noticeable, but it was a good time to practice understanding some Chinese language.


  6. I haven’t finished it, but I like it a lot so far. I think there are a lot of Chinese drama with competition type of events dating back to the 80s, so I don’t think it was plagiarizing Harry Potter. It’s just that HP is so popular so people tend to reference it whenever they see something similar. I don’t think it’s perfect, but I think it’s an entertaining series.


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  8. Hey, all this looks really good but I wanted to ask for some advice. I want something like an untamed, grandmaster of Taoism. So lots of fantasy and cultivation with a superhero I guess. Can anyone give me a few ideas, please


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