My Love from the Star (My Love from another Star) | Korean Drama | Fashion Alert | Sunglasses

Jun Ji-hyun’s closet in My Love from the Star was both timeless and awe-inspiring. I officially have a new style icon.

Wikipedia tells me that following the airing of My Love from the Star, there was an unprecedented surge in demand for the clothes, accessories and makeup worn/used by Jun Ji-hyun.

It is easy to see how. Jun Ji-hyun’s shoes, sunglasses and coats were truly iconic. Given the sheer volume of her various looks, this blogpost will be limited to my favourite Jun Ji-hyun-sunglasses-looks.

Let me know in the comments below your favourite sunglasses-look or if you have any other fashion requests.

Sunglasses for when you want to hide


Sunglasses for when you want to be noticed


Sunglasses for when you’re feeling ill


Sunglasses for when you’re feeling yourself


Sunglasses for when you’re in trouble


Sunglasses for when you’re not (in trouble)




  1. I didn’t realize just how many sunglasses she wore in this drama until you pointed it out…that’s a lot of sunglasses. Though, considering how many different outfits she has in this drama, I’m not surprised.

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  2. Thank you for posting this. What is the brand and style of the “sunglasses when you want to hide” ? Gentle monster said its not theirs.
    Thank you


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