I Will Never Let You Go | Chinese Drama | Review | Episode Guide

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Total episode #: 51

Dumpling-rating scale:  3.75/5

3.5 dumplings

Zhang Bin Bin 张彬彬 finally gets a lead male role! Although I was hoping for another reunion with Dilraba, I was impressed by and enjoyed Ariel Lin’s 林依晨 performance.

I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不弃 is a seemingly light period drama. Although, the production value isn’t great, the story line and acting more than make up for it.  On the whole I enjoyed this drama (particularly at the beginning) and reckon that this drama would have been infinitely better if it was shorter (by about 10 episodes) and had a different ending (spoilers below at Episode Guide).

I Will Never Let You Go / Legend of Huo Buo / Legend of Hua Buqi China Drama

Episode 1 sets out the various plot lines which are to come in this drama. In it we see the beautiful Xue Fei, heavily pregnant and running with her brother from something or someone. After seeking refuge in a barn, she gives birth to a baby girl who she subsequently proceeds to suffocate. Her brother alarmed by her actions, takes the baby and asks why. Xue Fei responds this is the only way for her to avoid suffering. Ignoring Xue Fei, her brother takes the baby girl and goes into hiding.

Xue Fei is soon found by the Seventh Prince — who recognizes her yet is quite cold towards her — before he can take her away she dies. It is left ambiguous whether she has died during childbirth or for some other reason.

I Will Never Let You Go cdrama
Zhang Xin Yu as Xue Fei, Hua Bu Qi’s mother

The next scene opens with that baby girl (now around 7 or 8) begging with her uncle. It is made very obvious in this scene that the little girl, named Bu Qi, is courageous and likes a bargain.

Her uncle on the other hand seems intent on keeping them hidden which is why they are constantly moving, makes no ties and hides their true appearance (these little details we all become important later).

Hu Bu Qi, as a beggar child and a noble lady

The final scene of episode 1 shows Bu Qi (now presumably a teenager, although Ariel Lin is 37) engaging very successfully in various trades. She is only detracted from her very serious business transactions twice: once during a story telling of renowned, mask of zorro like character Lei Yi Ke and another time when she witnesses Le Yi Ke fighting off some bad guys. Little does Bu Qi know that Le Yi Ke is not only the Seventh Prince’s only son (Chen Yi/Zhang Qing) but also her soulmate.

Zhang Bin Bin as Le Yi Ke and Chen Yi (the Seventh Prince’s heir)

As the drama continues the questions we have from episode 1 like —

  • who was after Xue Fei?
  • why did Xue Fei want to kill her daughter?
  • who was Xue Fei?
  • who/where is Hua Bu Qi’s dad?
  • why did Bu Qi and her uncle become beggars?

get answered. On the way we also get introduced to a multitude of different characters. Importantly is Dong Fang Shi (portrayed by Austin Lin 林柏宏) who carries the weight of second male lead in this drama.

I Will Never Let You Go cdrama Austin Lin Bohong
Austin Lin as Dong Fang Shi

I have to say that I didn’t think I would enjoy this drama as much as I did (that is up until the final arc which I have major issues with). Bu Qi’s sass and wit had a lot to do with it.  However, I liked Austin Lin’s character a lot more than Zhang Bin Bin’s. He had a bit more depth. While I accept that he was a bit of a sociopath (at the beginning) I do think he redeemed himself so unlike every other drama with Zhang Bin Bin I was shipping for the other lead.

I Will Never Let You Go cdrama Ariel Lin
Ariel Lin as Hua Bu Qi

Chen Yi/Zhang Qing was a little one dimensional and his reasoning for a lot of things like living a double life as Le Yi Ke is never properly explored. I don’t think this drama invested enough time on developing his character (or his relationship with Bu Qi) which is why I felt Bu Qi had more rapport with Dong Fang Shi.

Image result for I will never let you go stills drama
Zhang Bin Bin as Chen Yi/Zhang Qing

The biggest character criticism however would have to be on Yun Lang – I have no idea why this guy was included (to contrast Mo Ruo Fei?). Honestly, his martial art skills wasn’t that great, it wasn’t clear why he like Bu Qi and he was really brash — this all made him somewhat superfluous. I just did not see the point to his character at all. There was also a strange love triangle with Lin Zi Qing but not enough to be remembered.

Screenshot 2019-03-11 12.15.42.png
Lin Zi Qing as Lin Dan Sha and Kris Sun as Yun Lang

Although this drama did start to get quite repetitive in the later episodes the overall plot was not lost and I could follow (not always happily though). For the episode guide below I have put a 🌟 next to my favourite arcs but please beware that there are ‼️ major spoilers‼️

  • Arc 1 | Episodes 1 – 4 | Hua Bu Qi, the beggar 🌟
  • Arc 2 | Episodes 5 -17 | Hua Bu Qi, the adopted daughter of Mo House
  • Arc 3 | Episodes 18 – 38 | Hua Bu Qi, the daughter of Zhu House 🌟
  • Arc 4 | Episodes 38 – 51 | Hua Bu Qi, the priestess of Bi Luo Tian

Arc 1 | Episodes 1 – 4 | Hua Bu Qi, the beggar 🌟

Four episodes may not seem like a lot, but it really did feel like Hua Bu Qi spent a lot of time as a beggar. In this arc, we see how close Bu Qi is to her uncle Zhu Hua/Uncle Jiu. Uncle Jiu over the years has neglected his health and is obviously very ill. His illness culminates in him losing consciousness and Bu Qi is forced to find medicine to help heal him.

I Will Never Let You Go / Legend of Huo Buo / Legend of Hua Buqi China Drama
Hua Bu Qi as a beggar

Hua Bu Qi having a knack for getting in trouble or requiring help receives a lot of attention from Le Yi Ke whether it’s obtaining medicine for her uncle or protection from assassins.

Image result for I will never let you go stills drama

The final attack on Hua Bu Qi by Liu Qing Yan (from Ming Yue Manor) ends with the death of Uncle Jiu. His parting words to Hua Bu Qi was to make her capital and discover her true identity.

Image result for I will never let you go stills drama
Tiara Huang as Liu Qing Wu

Arc 2 | Episodes 5 – 17 | Hua Bu Qi, the adopted daughter of Mo House  

In this arc, two main things happen to Hua Bu Qi: she falls in love with Chen Yi and finds out who she really is.

Mo Ruo Fei (portrayed by Xing En) in an effort to gain some favour with the Seventh Prince — who is looking for his daughter, which Mo Ruo Fei believes to be Bu Qi — decides to take Bu Qi back to the capital despite the dangers that await them.

Mo Ruo Fei (her adopted and later revealed to be half brother) with Bu Qi

However, at the capital, no one (other than Mo Ruo Fei, Yun Lang and the Seventh Prince) is particularly happy to see Bu Qi. Chen Yi believes that Xue Fei caused his mother’s death and does not want to accept Bu Qi as his half sister which causes Mo Ruo Fei to ‘adopt’ her as his sister. Meanwhile, Mo Ruo Fei’s mother who also hates Xue Fei — as she believes Xue Fei seduced her husband and Mo Ruo Fei’s husband — wants Bu Qi dead.

Image result for I will never let you go stills drama

It is later revealed that Chen Yi and Bu Qi are not siblings (thank goodness for them, as they fall in love). The Seventh Prince only pretended that she was as she is the priestess of Bi Luo Tian — as was Xue Fei — and is pivotal to ruling the world (whatever that involves).

Instead, Mo Ruo Fei’s mother (as she forces Bu Qi to consume poison) tells her that she is the daughter of Xue Fei and her husband (who was obsessed with her and essentially took advantage of her after getting her drunk). Mo Ruo Fei’s mother also tells Bu Qi it was her that poisoned and killed Xue Fei.

Bu Qi — who is dying as a result of Mo Ruo Fei’s mother actions — has her plan with Zhu house expedited and fakes her death. Together with Zhu house make their way to Su Zhou.

Arc 3 | Episodes 18 – 38 | Hua Bu Qi, the daughter of Zhu House 🌟

Our main couple don’t spend a lot of time with each other in this arc. Instead they become better acquainted with their respective second lead — Cheng Yi and Liu Qing Wu & Bu Qi and Dong Fang Shi.

Image result for I will never let you go stills drama

Dong Fang Shi is a miracle doctor, scholar and an incredible warrior. Pretty perfect. Sheng house approach him to save Bu Qi from poisoning. Dong Fang Shi acquiesces and reveals that he is in fact Bu Qi’s fiancé.

Long story short, Bu Qi’s grandfather was accused of a crime which Dong Fang Shi’s family rescued him from. In return they required either marriage to their daughter or an exorbitant amount of money. Xue Fei was initially suppose to marry Xiao Jiu Feng (Dong Fang Shi’s grandfather) however she died and the debt of Sheng house remained unpaid.

Meanwhile, Liu Qing Wu and Cheng Yi get close in defeating Liu Ming Yue (who is in cahoots with Xia Jiu Feng and is Liu Qing Wu’s adopted mother).

Image result for I will never let you go stills drama
Bao Yan Xi as Liu Ming Yue

Another entertaining development is the relationship between Bu Qi’s best friend and body guard Xiao Xi and Chen Yi’s right hand man Bai Jian Fei.

Screenshot 2019-03-11 12.14.04.png
The unexpected love story with Xiao Xia and Bai Jian Fei

Arc 4 | Episodes 39 – 51 | Hua Bu Qi, the priestess of Bi Luo Tian 

At this stage you can feel the story dragging on a little too long. Apart from Dong Fang Shi demonstrating how to be the best second male lead ever, this drama should have ended a long time ago.

It is revealed that Bu Qi is one of the three ‘items’ needed to unlock and fulfill the prophecy of the Bi Luo Tian (however, her life needs to be a sacrifice). As Bu Qi’s identity is now revealed everyone is looking for her (including the Emperor).

Screenshot 2019-03-11 12.32.46.png
The Bad Guys – Yuan Chong and Xiao Jiu Feng

Dong Fang Shi upon realizing that Bu Qi’s life must be a sacrifice decides that he can do things the old fashion way and openly rebels against the Emperor. In the process he captures Mo Ruo Fei, Chen Yi (who has some come up with a weird plan to protect Bu Qi), Xiao Xia and Yun Lang…. the list continues…

I note that Bu Qi throughout this entire arc literally just complains. She doesn’t actually do anything but complains heaps (which starts to get a little old and annoying). Quite frankly its Dong Fang Shi’s patience and composure that makes me like him so much.

Ultimately, Dong Fang Shi is unsuccessful in his rebellion and decides that the only way he can protect Bu Qi from his grandfather (who now believes the only way to power is by sacrificing Bu Qi) is by marrying her.

Image result for I will never let you go stills drama

This is where this drama takes a turn for the worse (its probably the reason why its Viki rating plummeted after the finale aired). Heaps of people die including Mo Ruo Fei (who is killed by Dong Fang Shi), Xiao Xia (who died trying to protect Bu Qi), He Feng, Yun Lang, Lin Dan Sha, her brother and ultimately Dong Fang Shi and Chen Yi (who died protecting Bu Qi). Why? I am still not sure.


So Bu Qi lives but no one else (and they all die such senseless deaths)… Honestly, I thought this was one of the worst endings I have ever watched. How is it the Liu Qing Wu was able to get over Chen Yi (and get with the Emperor in the process), resolve her issue with her twin and get revenge on Liu Ming Yue but no one else was able to get a happy ending?

This was such a rushed, patched ending that I am still reeling. From what I have read this ending is the opposite of what happens in the novel, that is where Chen Yi and Bu Qi end up together & Dong Fang Shi becomes Emperor… and no the ambiguous ending (with Chen Yi reappearing in thin air) did not help at all.

For an upbeat drama, it took a very dark turn. And I (like a lot of others) was not impressed. But I can’t ignore that I did enjoy a fair portion of this drama (and its soundtrack) so will maintain my original rating which is a 3.75/5 with the caveat that the ending is a 0/5.

What did you think of I Will Never Let You Go?




  1. I watched the first few episodes of this drama and really enjoyed it, but after reading your review, I think I’ll skip. One of my pet peeves in Chinese dramas is when anyone died pointlessly. At least if you kill a character, make it meaningful and understandable. But I hate endings where everyone dies! And when will Bin Bin finally get the girl and live happily ever after in the end? Is it too much to ask for?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. Bin Bin really needs to have a word with his agency… how is it possible that he has never once gotten the girl? It is a true puzzle. I definitely thought the ending was uncalled for especially since up until the end this was romantic comedy type drama.

      Liked by 1 person

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