Top 10 | Original Soundtracks (OST) | Chinese Dramas 2018

Recently, Chinese dramas have slowly (but surely) started to replace Korean dramas as not only the source of what I choose to watch but also what I choose to listen to. Given this relatively recent transition, I have dedicated this post to listing my top 10 favourite Chinese drama soundtracks as at March 2019 (most of which are from dramas in 2018!). I hope you enjoy it!

10. Like a Song by Jason Zhang 张杰《如歌》 |  The Flame’s Daughter

This soundtrack is named after the drama (in Chinese) and serves as its opening theme. It is calm and delicate — very much like Ru Ge, the titled female lead.

9. Unparalleled in the World by Yang Zi and Deng Lun 杨紫, 邓伦 《 天地无霜》 | Ashes of Love

The Ashes of Love soundtracks were one of the many things I loved about this drama. And who can say no to a Yang Zi-Deng Lun duo?

8. A Thousand Years by  Jin Zhi Wen and Ji Ke Jun Yi 金志文, 吉克隽逸《千年》 |  Legend of White Snake

Although I didn’t get to finish this drama while I was in China (it isn’t available here in Australia), I have continued to enjoy listening to this soundtrack.

7.  Don’t You Know? by Hu Xia and Yisa Yu 郁可唯, 胡夏 《知否知否》 |  Story of Ming Lan

I have (on more than one occasion) fallen in love with a soundtrack before watching the actual drama (for example, Good Bye my Princess and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms to name a few). While this soundtrack isn’t one of them, after watching the Story of Ming Lan I can’t help but continuously re-listen to this track.

6.   Sigh by Ju Jing Yi 鞠婧祎《叹云兮》 |  Legend of Yun Xi

Now this soundtrack falls in the category mention above. I haven’t watched the Legend of Yun Xi (although have read many good things about it) but have been listening to this track on repeat and is another reason why I should give this drama a go.

5. Night Maple Song by Meng Zi Kun 孟子坤《晚楓歌》 | The Flame’s Daughter

My favourite part of The Flame’s Daughter is Zhang Bin Bin and Diliraba. Associated with their relationship is this soundtrack so naturally it would make in my top 10.

4. Love Hurts by Hour and Gong Jun 小時, 龔駿《爱殇》 | Goodbye My Princess

I still haven’t finished Goodbye My Princess. In Australia, Viki and YouTube have been  slowly releasing only one episode a day. It has been excruciating. While I wait patiently for the remaining episodes, I have been enjoying listening to its soundtracks.

3. Juvenile in White by Sing 许诗茵《白衣少年》 | I Will Never Let You Go

As you may know from my post on I will Never Let You Go, this drama had some real issues. Despite these issues and my vow to never rewatch this drama, I am still glad it gave us some really good soundtracks.

2. First Encounter by Chen Xing Xu and Peng Xiao Ran 陈星旭, 彭小苒《初見》 |  Goodbye My Princess

Another soundtrack from Goodbye Princess. Part of this drama’s charm are its leads so naturally the leads singing a soundtrack would be a favourite.

1.  Unsullied by Yang Zi 杨紫《不染》 |  Ashes of Love

At the top of my list is Yang Zi’s version of the now infamous OST from Ashes of Love — Unsullied. While Mao Bu Yi and Sa Ding Ding both do an incredible job — Yang Zi is my #1.

What do you think of my Top 10? Am I missing out on any Chinese drama soundtracks which you love?


  1. I am trying to find the opening song from
    I will never let you go I can’t find the sound track.
    Since I don’t speak or read Chinese I’m having a hard time looking for it.
    Do you happen to know the name of the opening song and the artist?
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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