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Total episode #: 56

Dumpling-rating scale:  3.75/5

3.5 dumplings

Zhao Yao 招摇 (also known as The Legends) is the 2019 xianxia drama based on a novel by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang 九鹭非香 of the same name. 

Bai Lu 白鹿 plays the title female lead, Zhao Yao – which translated means “ostentatious”. True to her name everything Zhao Yao does, she does extravagantly. Raised by her grandfather on a mountain cursed by a demon spirit, she comes from a family tasked with guarding the demon king’s son, Li Chen Lan (portrayed by Xu Kai 许凯).

The Legends Bai Lu
Bai Lu 白鹿, who portrays Zhao Yao

At birth, Li Chen Lan was fused with a very powerful but evil dragon spirit by his father. His father realising the extent of its power and danger, imprisons Li Chen Lan while he finds a way to get rid of it.

Before the Demon King is able to return, members of the heavenly Righteous Sect attack Li Chen Lan with the mission of killing him. They fail and their sect leader Luo Ming Xuan (a Phoenix) is seriously wounded. Zhao Yao finds the wounded Ming Xuan. While caring for him, she falls in love. Things come to a head for Zhao Yao when the righteous Ming Xuan wants Demon King Son, Li Chen Lan dead… Phoenix v Dragon (does this remind anyone else of Ashes of Love?)

The Legends Xu Kai
Xu Kai 许凯, portraying Li Chen Lan

Supporting Zhao Yao is Qin Zhi Yan portrayed by relative new comer Xiao Yan 肖燕. Although Qin Zhi Yan is the polar opposite to Zhao Yao, she is inextricably tied to Zhao Yao’s spirit. As time goes by they not only learn to get along but grow to care deeply for each other.

The Legends Shane Xiao Yan
Xiao Yan 肖燕, portraying Qin Zhi Yan

Jiang Wu (portrayed by Dai Xu 代旭) is the second male lead. Jiang Wu  is the male version of evil Zhao Yao. He has an interesting/somewhat confusing origin story. In spite of this, his playful nature makes him a much better second male lead than Ming Xuan (who I thought was going to be the second male lead but was dropped after episode 4).

The Legends Dai Xu
Dai Xu 代旭, portraying Jiang Wu

This drama was originally intended to be 28 episodes. However due to TV pressures it was inflated to a whooping 56. The doubling of the episodes did not do this drama any favours. As with a lot of Chinese dramas it started strong and with a lot of promise. However, as the drama progressed, the number of filler episodes increased and the subplots became more (unnecessarily) convoluted.

For a 2019 drama, the editing was problematic. A lot like Princess Agents (2017), the episodes would abruptly end and there were some serious pacing issues. In spite of these criticisms (with more to come in the Episode Guide below), I enjoyed this drama. It had a healthy love triangle, a vibrant female lead and an original revenge story.

the legends cdrama poster

The overall messaging was not bad but was made really obvious in almost every episode — that is, what appears good/righteous may not it fact be good and what is bad/demonic, similarly may not in fact be so. In other words – do not judge a book by its cover.

I’ve put together the Episode Guide below and a 🌟 next to my favourite arcs but beware there are ‼️spoilers‼️.  Hopefully it will assist in cutting through the filler.

  • Arc 1 | Episodes 1 – 5 | Zhao Yao’s backstory 🌟
  • Arc 2 | Episodes 6 – 18 | Zhao Yao v Li Chen Lan 🌟
  • Arc 3 | Episodes 19 -34 | Back from the dead
  • Arc 4 | Episodes 35 – 43 | Zhao Yao & Li Chen Lan 🌟
  • Arc 5 | Episodes 44 – 56 | Overcoming Evil

Arc 1 | Episodes 1 – 4 | Zhao Yao’s backstory 🌟

Zhao Yao’s backstory opens with her living an uneventful life with only her grandfather for company. Her grandfather and her are from a long line of protectors, guarding the Demon Crown Prince.

The Legends cdrama
Young Zhao Yao

Zhao Yao’s life of relative solitude is interrupted when she encounters a wounded Luo Ming Xuan (the leader of the Righteous Sect). In an attempt to kill Li Chen Lan, Luo Ming Xuan not only injuries himself but releases Li Chen Lan.

The Legends Xu Kai
Recently released Li Chen Lan

In tending to Luo Ming Xuan’s wounds, Zhao Yao falls in love with him and learns about good and evil. Once Ming Xuan is fully healed, he leaves Zhao Yao. Upon his departure, Zhao Yao decides she wants to go out in to the world and be a “good person.”

Through her grandfather’s training, Zhao Yao (already with very high levels of spiritual energy) becomes incredible skilled and powerful. Her grandfather, understanding that he cannot keep Zhao Yao on the mountain forever, lets her go.

Zhao Yao and Grandfather
Zhao Yao and her grandfather

As soon as Zhao Yao leaves her home, she encounters a mob about to execute Li Chen Lan. When she asks what his crime was, the mob has no response and only state that he is the Demon King’s son, is evil and should be put to death. Zhao Yao unsatisfied with that reasoning and saves Li Chen Lan.

The Legends
Li Chen Lan (Mo Qing) and Zhao Yao

Together Li Chen Lan (named Mo Qing by Zhao Yao) and Zhao Yao make a beautiful home together in the mountains. Li Chen Lan falls in love with her  but Zhao Yao is still in love with Ming Xuan.

Zhao Yao's home.jpg
Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan’s home in the Mountains

So despite being happy together, Zhao Yao leaves to find her Ming Xuan. Zhao Yao finds Ming Xuan but realises that he is not as good as he claims. Zhao Yao is almost killed by Ming Xuan when her grandfather rescues her. Her grandfather ends up being killed by Ming Xuan and Zhao Yao is able to escape.

Zhao Yao is devastated and returns to Li Chen Lan. Intent on seeking revenge she establishes her own ‘evil sect’ Wan Lu Men.

Zhao Yao, Sect Leader of Wan Lu Men

In five years (this drama does everything in five year blocks), Zhao Yao and Wan Lu Men become infamous. She is able to defeat and seal Ming Xuan and create a powerful kingdom.

To further strengthen her power, Zhao Yao attempts to retrieve a very powerful sword. Before she can reach the sword, she is ambushed and seriously injured by members of the Righteous Sect.  Li Chen Lan comes to her rescue but despite her injuries, Zhao Yao will not leave before she retrieves the sword. Li Chen Lan complying with her request goes to retrieve it. However, upon retrieving it, something in Li Chen Lan is triggered. Li Chen Lan’s blue markings disappear and he releases a force which kills Zhao Yao.

Injured Zhao Yao
Zhao Yao (forever injured) with Li Chen Lan

Elsewhere, Qin Qian Xian (a just and pious member Righteous) becomes Sect leader of the Thousand Ashes Pavilion.

Arc 2 | Episodes 5 – 24 | Zhao Yao v Li Chen Lan 🌟

The pacing slows right down in arc 2 and there is a large number of filler scenes/characters storylines. I will only be covering the main part of the sotry which is the return of Zhao Yao (who died in episode 4).

Zhao Yao’s spirit is ‘awakened’ by the young and naive Qin Zhi Yan. Following, her father’s murder she turns to Wan Lu Men to seek justice. Although Qin Zhi Yan is from the Righteous Sect, no one believes her when she tells them that her father killer is her fiancé’s father.

Relevantly, her fiancee’s aunt (Liu Su Ruo) is Ming Xuan’s fiancée. Liu Su Ruo need blood from Qin line to awaken him and is the one that arranged for Qin Zhi Yan’s father’s murder.

Image result for Zhao Yao stills righteous sect
Qin Zhi Yan in the Righteous Sect

Zhi Yan get lost trying to find Wan Lu Men. In her confusion, she falls and hits her head. The blood she loses awakens Zhao Yao’s spirit. It doesn’t take long for both Zhao Yao and Qin Zhi Yan to realise that they are tied to Zhi Yan’s body. By day, Qin Zhi Yan is Qin Zhi Yan but after sunset Zhao Yao’s spirit inhabits her body.

Zhao - dual identity
Lu Zhao Yao in Zhi Yan’s body

Luckily for Zhi Yan, Zhao Yao also wants to make her way to Wan Lu Men but for a different purpose – to kill and get revenge on Li Chen Lan (who she believes killed her). On arrival to Wan Lu Men, Zhao Yao employs various tactics (from seduction to outright combat) to kill Li Chen Lan.

Zhao Yan and Zhi Yuan 2
Zhi Yan and Zhao Yao — polar opposites

However, Zhao Yao (having died once) has lost a lot of her spiritual energy and isn’t strong enough to defeat Li Chen Lan. To accelerate her spiritual energy she finds a spiritual market place where she can buy energy elixirs. The catch is that the currency used is ‘good deeds’ (of which evil Zhao Yao has very little).

Meanwhile, Li Chen Lan (at episode 11) realises that Zhao Yao has returned and after sunset occupies Zhi Yan’s body. Still deeply in love with her, Li Chen Lan does everything Zhao Yao asks — including retrieving the Sword of Heaven in episode 14 which severely weakens him — to try and win her affection. Slowly but surely his earnestness and sacrifice start to change how Zhao Yao feels about him.

Zhao Yao and Li Chen Land
Li Chen Lan realising Zhao Yao is back

In the end it is a combination of the well-meaning Zhi Yan’s influence and Li Chen Lan’s self-less acts that cause Zhao Yao to remember her former ‘good’ self and let go of her old ‘evil’ self.

We also get introduced to Jiang Wu in this arc although he remains on the fringes (for a bit of comic relief). The notorious Jiang Wu is essentially the new Zhao Yao. He is busy messing up the social hierarchy, creating chaos and taking advantage of the rift between the Righteous Sect and the now established Wan Lu Men.

the legends c drama jiaing wu
Jiang Wu writing love letters to Zhao Yao

Jiang Wu meets Zhao Yao (while occupying Zhi Yan’s body) performing good deeds for herself and is immediately captivated by her. By episode 13 e falls in love with her and kidnaps her to persuade her to marry him in episode 13. Zhao Yao entertains Jiang Wu and agrees to be his spy (in episode 19)  because he similarly wants Li Chen Lan dead.

A separate plot line involves Si Ma Rong — originally one of Zhao Yao four captains and head of intelligence. Si Ma Rong backstory is revealed when he is kidnapped by Jiang Wu (episodes 18 and 19). Si Ma Rong was betrayed by his lover Yu Zu (an agent from the Righteous Sect) which lead to Zhao Yao’s death.

Yu Zu having really fallen in love with Si Ma Rong is imprisoned by the Righteous Sect. Si Ma Rong tries to rescue her but she ends up dying and he loses his ability to walk.  Si Ma Rong still very much in love with Yu Zu uses his wood magic to recreate a clone of her to accompany him.

Image result for sima rong zhaoyao
Si Ma Rong and a wooden clone of Yu Zu

Arc 3 | Episodes 25 – 36 | Back from the dead

The main event in this arc is the return of Luo Ming Xuan. Liu Su Ruo (in cahoots with Yue Zhu) uses Liu Cang Ling to trick Qin Zhi Yan. Zhi Yan ignoring Zhao Yao’s warning walks straight into Su Ruo’s trap. Her blood is then used to awaken Luo Ming Xuan.

Separately, Zhao Yao discovers that following her death, Qin Qian Xian rescued and preserved her body in the Ice Caves. Having located her body, Zhao Yao goes to the Spiritual Market to recombine her spirit and body so that she can save Zhi Yan.

Image result for zhao yao still
Luo Ming Xuan is back

Ultimately, (with the help of Li Chen Lan) Zhao Yao is able to defeat Luo Ming Xuan. She rescues both Qin Zhi Yan and Can Ling. However, after Zhao Yao’s battle with Luo Ming Xuan she blasts into a series fireworks (as the magic doesn’t quite work) and Li Chen Lan is once again left heartbroken.

Losing Zhao Yao combined with his previous injuries and growing darkness weakens Li Chen Lan. Whip Lady tries to comfort him but after her betrayal, he expels her from Wan Lu Men. Still in love with Li Chen Lan, Whip Lady colludes with the imprisoned Yuan Ye and launches a rebellion.

Li Chen Lan finds Zhao Yao
Li Chen Lan finding Lu Zhao Yao’s body (in an illusion)

When things come to a head, Zhao Yao makes her grand return (in her own body) and officially instates Li Chen Lan as head of Wan Lu Men. With Zhao Yao’s endorsement, Li Chen Lan is the undisputed Seat Leader of Wan Lu Men.

Meanwhile Qin Qian Xian and Jiang Wu are playing cat and mouse in the Ice Caves. The big reveal is that Jiang Wu is actually a product of Qin Qian Xian lust for Zhao Yao (after she spent a night staring at him). This goes some way to explaining why Jiang Wu is so similar to evil Zhao Yao and why he is so obsessed with her.

Zhao Yao and Jiang Wu
Jiang Wu and Zhao Yao truce

Arc 4 | Episodes 37 – 43 | Zhao Yao & Li Chen Lan 🌟

This short but very sweet arc is dedicated entirely to Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan — not fighting but in love. Finally reunited (in their own bodies) Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan don’t waste anytime and spend as much time as they can together.

Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan
Quality time – Zhao Yan and Li Chen Lan

Li Chen Lan (presumably knowing that the darkness in him is growing) takes it upon himself to propose to Zhao Yao on the cliff where it all started… it was really beautiful (episode 42 is a good one).

Image result for zhao yao
Li Chen Lan’s proposal

Not losing anytime, Li Chen Lan and Zhao Yao arrange to get married in an elaborate wedding ceremony despite Li Chen Lan’s deteriorting health.

Zhao Yao wedding
An interrupted wedding ceremony

Before they are able to formally get married, Jiang Wu interrupts their ceremony (in an eerily similar way Zhao Yao interrupted Luo Ming Xuan’s ceremony). He easily overpowers both Zhao Yan (who hasn’t recovered all her spiritual energy) and Li Chen Lan (who is desperately trying to contain his inner demon).

Jiang Wu on throne
Jiang Wu in charge

Arc 5 | Episodes  44 – 56 | Overcoming Evil

Jiang Wu having imprisons Li Chen Lan and again tries to persuade Zhao Yao to be his. Zhao Yao out-rightly refuses but the stress of it all causes her unstable body to burst into fireworks. To save Zhao Yao, Li Chen Yin and Jiang Wu combine forces and transfer enough spiritual energy to keep her from disappearing.

Li Chen Lan and Jiang Wu’s camaraderie doesn’t last long. Their playful rivalry turns dark after Jiang Wu takes Qin Qian Xian spiritual energy (much to the worry of 17), kills a number of people die (a number of his own friends die too) and imprisons Li Chen Lan. During this time, Li Chen Lan discovers that he too is an inner demon (like Jiang Wu) and is slowly losing the battle to control that demon.

Zhao Yao side couple
Qin Qian Xian and 17

There is however now a new bad guy in town — Luo Ming Xuan. Having lost his fiance, he is back from the dead and wants revenge. Luo Ming Xuan kills Jiang Wu (in episode 50), who dies while protecting Zhao Yao. His parting words were — I was born of you and I will die for you. It was quite touching.

While the formidable duo that is Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan manage to defeat Luo Ming Xuan. Their victory is at a cost — Li Chen Lan had to release his inner demon. That demon now wants to kill Zhao Yao. Li Chen Lan is able to win the battle against himself (with Zhao Yao’s help) and dies…

Li Chen Lan and Zhao Yao - final battle
Li Chen Lan and Lu Zhao Yao battling it out

This drama tries to end happy but does so in a very rushed and confusing way. In the final episode, Zhao Yao is making the best of life without Li Chen Lan. It is later revealed that Li Chen Lan is not dead but meditating in the heavens (presumably purifying his soul).

After presumably years of mediation, Li Chen Lan is back in the mortal world with Zhao Yao walking through a market. There isn’t really an explanation for how this happens or if it is real but at least they are together? The final scene is of their grown children. Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan’s two children look and act exactly like them. The drama ends with them bickering — bizarre.

Image result for the legends chinese drama

Given the number of filler episodes, I really wish this drama took a little more time explaining how Li Chen Lan came back and show a little more of their married life. Skipping ahead decades to a scene of their children was really confusing and unnecessary.  

The finale did tie-up some loose ends though.  After Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan disappear, Qin Zhi Yan becomes the new Sect Leader. However, her relationship Can Ling is over as neither could get over her father’s murder.

Qin Qian Xian — the weird but wonderful ‘beautiful man’ — ascends to High God status after meditating and reviving all the souls that were lost in the battle against Luo Ming Xuan. Finally, Si Ma Rong uses his wood technique to regain his ability to walk.

Zhao Yao and Zhi Yuan It might sound odd but I really did enjoy watching Zhao Yao despite the underwhelming ending, slopping editing and excessive filler episodes/character. Zhao Yao ranks high in terms of re-watchability value (not the filler but main scenes) and I’ll definitely be revisiting it. 

What did you think of Zhao Yao (The Legends)?





  1. I am currently on episode 46 of this drama and it is so good! I just wished Zhao Yao didn’t lose so much of her badness in like the middle of the drama!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My perfect ending would be if after they defeated ming xuan, chenlan would lose control. Then Zhao was forced to kill him to follow the sword guardian’s prophesy from the beginning. Years later he’s up in the clouds and hears her voice, comes down to earth and sees her talking to his grave about missing him. She goes to leave but turns when she hears his voice saying something he always says to her like “hao”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i am happy that none of the main leads are dead at last… with how this sort of chinese genre works, the cost of defeating the main antagonist always comes with a heavy price of one dead main lead or sometimes more death… i like this series and don’t want a part 2, sometimes a story is just enough for 1 season and trying to mix that story’s universe with other doesn’t only affect the story itself, it might destroy the whole set up for ex- NARUTO (in my opinion)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I watched its ending on YouTube just to know if it’s HE, where I eventually discovered that it was all over the place. But thanks this review I could say it’s not that bad (compared to other cdramas). I was really expecting the worst despite it’s amazing plot in the novel (cn dramas I’ve watched so far have strong first few episodes in terms of plot and consistency, but deteriorate particularly at later episodes, especially at the end). I just want to thank you for this review, it seems there’s no problem in watching the rest of the episodes of The Legends. (actually, I love this drama because of the interactions between Bailu and Xukai,lol😍, their chemistry here is unbelievable).


  5. Yeah so I just finished this up, and while I can also agree I really enjoyed it, the last 10 episodes were literally all over the place, and I do mine literally (like one scene shows her killing him with the Lightning Sword, but at the time she doesn’t even have that sword, then he’s fine and in bed, then he’s locked in a room and disappears, then he’s fine and in bed again) – LOL. WTF. I think whoever was editing this was drunk or just threw the parts up and wherever they fell that’ the order they told the story in. If it was supposed to be flashbacks and timeskips or something there were literally ZERO indicators for this, so it just made you be like WTF just happened.

    Again despite all this, I really enjoyed this series. The ending does indeed suck though and the final arc is a hot mess due to the poor pacing / bad editing. Still worth a watch though. 😀


  6. Wow, such a wornderful recap. Wish I had read this instead watched 55 painful episodes. Why painful? well, I have to say I loved the leads, they had good chemistry, the main story was good although the ending was well dramalandish. The badassness of the characters was great, except I still dont understand why Zhi yan would become a mumbling fool when supposedly she was a master swordswomen at 16 and miraculously remembered her skills in the final fight. The visuals were good for most part and I loved our 2nd lead. Loved his role of comic relief and at the same time tragic male lead… but and here is a big but I totally agree with you on how ridiculously long the show got! All the side love stories and tragedies… I could have cut those scenes. At least half the scenes in the last episodes were memories, not to mention all the other parts that kept on having flashbacks. And what was the point of the stupid branch that they kept mentioning when it was never used for ridding the demonic essence, I mean the healer used it to heal the wound, but still confusing. I hate when they end stuff by doing time warps… just keep it linear people! Okay, so all in all, I love the leads. Would have loved seeing more scenes between them… they made it seem natural. I finished the Military Arsenal drama before this one and watched this for them and I have to say they were fantastic in that too.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The rushed ending was due to the original script was a HE, but when it was ordered to extend to 55eps it was ordered to be a SE. Once the show started to air and gained popularity the show was then ordered to be a HE again, hence the last 10 episodes had to be recut from the already cut scenes and repaste to make a happy ending. I truely feel sorry for the editing team for this drama.

    I watched this while it was airing as I was a fan of the actual novel, and though I cannot say I love the dramas take on the storyline I can say that I super love the female lead so much, she really carried the essence of the character for me. The male leads acting was too lacking for my taste but the chemistry was too good to not ship her with him.

    Rewatched it again the other day and still felt the same way.


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