Top 10 | Original Soundtracks (OST) | Chinese Dramas 2019

2019 was an incredible year for 🎶 Chinese OSTs 🎶. As the new year rolls in, I thought I would take a moment to remember some of my favourite soundtracks from Cdramas that came out in 2019 💖. In advance, I apologise for some of the shoddy English translated song titles (I wasn’t able to find the official English names for some of them).

Please let me know if you have a favourite that I’ve left out!  


1.White-clothed Young Man (白衣少年) by Xu Shi Yin | I Will Never Let You Go | 小女花不弃


2. Love Catastrophe (爱殇) by Xiao Shi | Goodbye My Princess | 东宫 



3. A Millennium’s Wait for a Return (千年等一回 ) by Ju Jing Ying | The Legend of the White Snake | 新白娘子传奇


4.  Water From the Heaven (水从天上来) by Zhang Bichen & Zheng Yunlong | Love and Destiny | 三生三世宸汐缘



5. If Snow (若雪) by Aarif Rahman | Princess Silver | 白发



6. Enter a Dream (入梦) by Bai Lu and Xu Kai | Arsenal Military Academy | 烈火军校



7. I still like you (我还是很喜欢你) by Xia Lin | Well Intended Love | 奈何BOSS要娶我



8.   Milk bread (牛奶面包) by Yang Zi | Go Go Squid! | 亲爱的, 热爱的



9.  Zhao Yao (招摇) by Chen Chusheng & Hu Shasha |Zhao Yao (The Legends) | 招摇



10. Good or not (好不好) by Z.Tao| The Brightest Star in the Sky | 夜空中最闪亮的星



There you have it my top 10 favourite OSTs for 2019 – I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring — hopefully, in addition to great OSTs and Cdramas, it will also bring health and happiness to all💖.

Happy new year!


  1. oh god any song by Zhang bichen is an automatic add to my song list… man i really love her voice this particular ost with yunlong had me swaying especially the chorus part T.T


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