About Me

Hi Dramaland,

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My name is Lee and I live in Melbourne, Australia!

I started watching Asian Dramas in my early teens (starting with Autumn in my Heart). My commitment to Dramaland waxed and waned thereafter, but I rediscovered my passion during a time of personal hardship. It was then that I realised drama was a great source of joy for me.

It is because of the warm fuzzy feeling (usually) associated with drama that I decided to start blogging about it. My blog sets out/will set out Korean and Chinese drama:

  • reviews;
  • top episodes/episode guides;
  • fashion alerts;
  • tops 10; and
  • ‘observations’.

Outside of my passion for drama, I work as a construction lawyer, enjoy coffees and long walks.

I currently have lots of fun putting up posts as often as I can (with the help of my sister Mon in grey).

Hope you can join me on my journey through Dramaland!